Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get information on independent research projects? When do I contact possible supervisors? Who and how do I contact them?


  • When - there are no official deadlines, however, many students are starting to contact potential supervisors at the end of 2nd year and beginning of 3rd year. 

  • Who- you can find a list of faculty members and links to their research areas here

  • if you need some guidance on choosing and/or contacting potential supervisors you can contact the program coordinator Jenna Penney ( 

I need help from a neuroscience faculty advisor, who can I contact?


  • Neuroscience has 3 designated faculty advisors from various departments. Elena Choleris from Psychology (, Leah Bent from HHNS ( and John Vessey from MCB ( They can all answer any questions about the program and courses.

  • Program counsellors can also help you navigate the ins and outs of any BSc degree issue

  • You may also contact the Program coordinator Jenna Penney ( if you are unsure of where to go or want to discuss other opportunities 

What do I do if a mandatory course I need for my degree is full? Can I be put on a waiting list?

When the course is full this means that all of the seats have been taken. Professors do not keep waitlists for their courses. During the add periods, we suggest that students continually check Web Advisor (every day, at all different times of the day & night) for a cancelled seat.  Students are constantly changing their schedules, therefore vigilance may pay off. We utilize rolling caps during course selection periods for Fall and Winter. This means that additional spots are added daily during the corresponding selection window, providing equal opportunity to students attempting to register, whether their course selection window opens on the first or the last day of their year. The additional spots are usually added between 8:00-9:00 am Monday-Friday, and so it is important to be monitoring Webadvisor carefully during that time period. Once your course selection window opens it does not close, meaning that you can continue to add courses until the end of the add period.