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Area of Reseach


 Studies visual attention, perception, and memory using behavioural measures
Emma Allen-Vercoe Studies how the gut microbiome interacts with the central nervous system and how alterations can lead to such disorders including autism spectrum disorder MCB
Craig Bailey Research is focussed on the development of the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus and linking abnormal development to diseases Biomed
 Research program combines the fields of evolutionary biology, animal behaviour, social psychology, mathematical game theory, and experimental economics
Leah Bent Research focuses on developing an understanding of where posture is controlled and what sensory information contributes to successful movement and equilibrium HHNS
Nicolas Bernier Research focuses on identifying and understand the pathways by which stressors are perceived, processed and transduced into a neuroendocrine response IB
Research uses a multidisciplinary approach to study various regulatory and modulatory aspects of social behavior
Colour categorization, cognitive science and its foundations, culture and cognition, the evolution of culture, experimental philosophy
Giannina Descalzi  Multidisciplinary approach to determine causal relationships between circuit level changes in gene expression and behavioural pathology focusing on chronic pain Biomed
Howard Dobson Diagnostic imaging in orthopaedics and neurology Clinical Studies
Mark Fenske  Research combines neuroimaging techniques with studies of human behaviour to examine factors that are critical for healthy cognitive and emotional functioning Psychology
Chris Fiacconi  Research uses a combination of behavioural experiments and psychophysiological measures to investigate cognition-emotion interactions  Psychology
Andreas Heyland Research focuses on understanding molecular and physiologcal mechanisms underlying life history transitions and their evolution in marine invertebrates IB
Nina Jones Research focuses on defining eukaryotic signal transduction pathways, and investigating how mutations in components of these pathways can contribute to disease MCB
Fiona James Research focuses on comparative epilepsy using electroencephalography, translational genetics and neuroimaging to develop better treatments Clinical Studies
Bettina Kalisch Research focuses on trying to elucidate the mechanisms involved with gene regulation that are important in cholinergic neuron function and Alzheimer's disease Biomed
Fred Leberge Studies evolution of the neural substrate of behaviour by highlighting similarities and differences in brain pathways that organize behaviour in different vertebrates IB
Jasmin Lalonde Research aims to elucidate novel effectors and mechanisms that contribute to the development and/or plasticity of neuronal cells MCB
Francesco Leri  Investigates psychological and neuropharmacological mechanisms involved in the department, persistence and recurrence of behaviours reinforced rewards Psychology
David Ma Research focuses on developing a better understanding of how dietary fats influence health and disease, emphasizing prevention of chronic disease HHNS
Neil MacLusky Research focuses on the mechanisms involved in hormone action in the brain with an emphasis on sex differences Biomed
Harvey Marmurek Research focuses on repetition effects on memory and the interplay of visual and verbal processes in facial recognition  Psychology
Georgia Mason Research focuses on developing a better understanding of why some species, strains and individuals cope poorly with captivity, while others adapt well Animal Biosci
Robert McLaughlin Research involved using the movements of animals to assess the significance that individual behaviour has for the biology of populations and communities  IB
Dan Meegan  Research program explores cognitive tendencies that prevent people from making sensible choices Psychology
Jennifer Murray Research focuses on the idea that drugs of abuse have the power to alter behaviours and shift priorities, focusing of promotion of rehabilitation  Psychology
Lee Niel Research investigates ways to limit pain, distress and aggression for companion animals  Population Med
Linda Parker Research combines psychological, pharmacolgoical and neurobiologcal insights to understand processes of learning, emotion, sickness and addiction Psychology
Jenna Penney Neuroscience program Coordinator and Instructor - can contact for anything remotely related to Neuroscience, Office: SSC3316/ Ph. Ex. 53448 MCB
Melissa Perreault Uses an integrative approach to research conbining cell and system research with animal behaviour to gain insights into the mechanisms of disease Biomed
Scott Ryan Research focuses on stem cell  based models of Parkinson's disease and the effect of mitochondrial stress on the nervous system during diseased states MCB
Tarek Saleh Investigating the role of hormones in functional neuroprotection from neurodegenerative diseases such as stroke Biomed
Shaun Sanders Studies how neurons use the protein-lipid modification palmitoylation to target proteins to specific subcellular locations in neurons and how it contributes to neuropathological conditions. MCB
John Srbely Studies chronic pain and joint function associated with aging and chronic musculoskeletal diseases such as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia HHNS
Kristel Thomassin Research focuses on ways in which the family system contributes to children's development of (mal)adaptive emotions skills and the role this plays is psychopathology Psychology
Lana Trick Research centres on the stsudy of attention and working memory and how attention and memory operations change as individuals age Psychology
Franco Vaccarino University of Guelph President and Vice Chancellor  Psychology
Terry Van Raay Studies neurodevelopment in zebrafish focusing on WNT signalling pathways MCB
John Vessey Research focuses on investigating carious proteins that are important for RNA regulation during brain development MCB
Tina Widowski  Studies relationshi[s among an animal's environment, behaviour and physiology; particularly focusing on poultry Animal Biosci
Boyer Winters Research focuses on investigating the neurobiology of cognition, with an emphasis on learning and memory  Psychology
John Zettel Research combines biomechanics and visiomotor control to examine how postural control is integrated and coordinator with voluntary movement  HHNS