Graduate students

Name      Degree Program                   Department                    Supervisor                     Research Area
Abdalla Albeely PhD MCB Melissa Perreault  Research focuses on schizophrenia in hopes of identifying a potential therapeutic target in disorders of cognitive dysfunction.
Allyson Andrade MSc PSYC Jennifer Murray Research with the Murray AIM Lab focuses on the role of interoceptive stimuli elicited by drugs of abuse as discriminative guides of behaviour in rodent models using pavlovian conditioning paradigms
Akshara MSc BIOMED Neil MacLucky  
Julia Brott  PhD MCB John Vessey  
Simran Bhullar MSc BIOMED Neil MacLucky  
Ada Cristescu MBS BIOMED Neil MacLucky  
Emily Craig MSc BIOMED Neil MacLucky  
Jude Frie PhD BIOMED Jibran Khokhar Studies the functional role of the endocannabinoid system in reward behaviour and addiction, especially during critical periods of development, such as childhood, using electrophysiology
Ryan Hallam MSc MCB Scott Ryan  
Shahnaza Hamidullah MSc BIOMED Jibran Khokhar  
Tristen Hewitt MSc MCB Jasmin Lalonde  Research focuses on studying calcium dynamics in neurons and how its dysregulation contributes to neurological diseases with a focus on Alzheimer's disease and bipolar disorder
Jodi Hong MBS BIOMED Neil MacLucky  
Erika Howe PhD HHNS Leah Bent  
Colin  Howes MSc PSYC Elena Choleris Prenatal exposure to testosterone and its' effects on social behavior
Lauren Issacs MSc BIOMED Neil MacLucky  
Bryan Jenkins PhD BIOMED Jibran Khokhar His research aims to use specialized knowledge in neurotechnology, addictions neuroscience, and mental health research to create innovative solutions for individuals with substance use and mental illness.
Nariko Kuwahara MSc BIOMED Neil MacLucky  
Talya Kuun MSc PSYC Elena Choleris Involvement of membrane estrogen receptors in learning and memory.
Meghan Lamers MSc HHNS Leah Bent  
Joshua Manduca MSc MCB Melissa Perreault  
Richard Matta PhD PSYC Elena Choleris Brain sites of dopamine regulation of social learning in mice
Kate Nicholson MSc BIOMED Neil MacLucky  
Julia Pacosz MSc BIOMED Neil MacLucky  
Peter Palleta MSc PSYC Elena Choleris Estrogen/oxytocin interplay in the regulation of social recognition
Lindsay Plater PhD HHNS Leah Bent   
Duncan Rasmussen MSc MCB Melissa Perreault  
Briana Renda MSc PSYC Jennifer Murray Research focuses on the impact of adolescent nicotine exposure, learning history, and stress on adult nicotine consumption and value
Paul Sheppard PhD PSYC Elena Choleris Brain regions and mechanisms of estrogenic rapid regulation of learning and memory
Myles St-Denis MSc MCB Melissa Perreault  
Morgan Stykel PhD MCB Scott Ryan  
Rachel Karson Thériault     PhD MCB Melissa Perreault  
Hayley Thorpe PhD BIOMED Jibran Khokhar Main research goal is to uncover the behavioural and molecular relationships between cannabis use and the development of neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia
Farah Wahbeh MBS BIOMED Jibran Khokhar  

Alicyia Walczyk - Mooradally

MSc MCB Jasmin Lalonde Research focuses on studying the underlying molecular mechanisms which contribute to synaptic plasticity. With a strong focus on analyzing how post-translational modifications of a protein of interest, Arc, contribute to learning and memory.
Cameron Wasson MSc PSYC Elena Choleris  Behavioral implications of developmental testosterone exposure