Program Overview

Neuroscience is a rapidly emerging and interdisciplinary science that is uncovering the mysteries of how the brain and nervous system function. Neuroscience research is always evolving and changing our understanding of animal and human behaviour, cognition, the basis of many common diseases and the general mystery that the brain presents. The neuroscience major at Guelph capitalizes on our diverse research expertise to explore the nervous system from the molecular & cellular, physiological and behavioural perspectives. Building on a foundation of biological science courses, you will progress through a series of core neuroscience courses that synthesize and apply these perspectives to contemporary problems in neurological disease, toxicology and psychology.

Our program offers the opportunity to build a well-rounded foundation in all areas of neuroscience while allowing flexibility in 3rd and 4th year to customize your program with a variety of advanced courses in different fields. We focus on preparing students for their future studies and careers, whatever they may be. One of our primary goals is to keep the program relatively small to allow for continued support for each student as an individual and to have students interact with our faculty and staff regularly to build a network that will help them succeed both in University and post-graduation. We offer opportunities for workplace training for whatever you might be interested in! Our extensive and diverse research team offers opportunities in the 4th year of study to complete an intensive research project that will help prepare you for any number of careers, while our internship course offers the flexibility for those that are interested in more specialized careers.