Program Outline

The neuroscience undergraduate degree is a 4 year Honours program that combines courses and instructors from OVC (Ontario Veterinary College), HHNS (Human Health and Nutritional Sciences), MCB (Molecular and Cellular Biology) and Psychology to provide a diverse and interesting program for students. We have also developed a number of new courses that are only available to students in the neuroscience program! 

Your first year is made up of all of the core courses that are required for all of our science programs; this is for two reasons, 1- to allow the development of well-rounded scientific knowledge and 2- to make is easy to swtich to a different program within your first year of study. After year 1 of your program you will start to be introduced to more specialized courses. In your 3rd semesster you will take Introduction to Neuroscience. This course will bring together your basic knowledge learned in first year and focus on applying it specifically to neuroscience. In year 2 you will also start to take classes that explore things like Behavioural Neuroscience, various physiology courses including Biomedical Physiology, Comparative Animal Physiology or Human Physiology and you also have some electives this year which you can fill with courses to obtain or specific Minor or you can take classes for fun/interest such as Wine Oenology and so many more depending on your interests! 

In your 3rd year you start to take even more specialized courses including Functional Neuroanatomy, Molecular Basis of Neurological Disorders, Cognitive Neuroscience and a hands-on lab based course that brings everything together Techniques in Neuroscience, this course is limited to students in the neuroscience major because of the nature of the experiments that are done. You will find that in 3rd year you have much more freedom to take courses in the area that particularly interests you while still maintaining that ever so important interdisciplinary knowledge. You may wish to expand you skill set, network and employability by taking a unique internship course available to you!

In your 4th year you will have even more freedom to customize your program, in this year you will take courses including Current Issues in Neuroscience and Neuropharmacology. You will also have the opportunity to complete a 4th year research project, there are a number of possibilities here and if you need help looking for these opportunities you can contact the faculty advisors and/or program coordinator. 

There are 3 faculty advisors for the neuroscience program, John Vessey in MCB, Elena Choleris in Psychology and Leah Bent in HHNS. The neuroscience program coordinator is Jenna Penney. You can find all contact information on the About Us link on this website!

For a full overview of the program, courses and requirements please refer to the undergraduate calendar