We help students to build a network that will help them succeed both in University and post-graduation


Students will engage in aspects of neuroscience ranging from genes and molecules, to cells and synapses, to circuits, behaviour, and cognition.


We have a diverse research expertise on campus to explore the nervous system from molecular, cellular, sensory motor, physiological, and behavioural perspectives.


We focus on preparing students for their future studies and careers, whatever they may be.


Our small program allows for continued support for each student as an individual and to have students interact with our faculty and staff regularly


We seek to understand the biology and function of the nervous system at all levels of analysis.


    Congrats to Arshia Leekha for defending her MSc in MCB+NEUR!

    Congrats Dr. Alicyia Walczyk-Mooradally on defending your PhD in MCB+NEUR!

    SONA 2023, save the date! May 5th at UTSC

    Interesting in pursuing neuroscience research at UoG in Attention and Perception? Take a look!

    Join an exciting Neuroscience based competition and get a chance at being published!

    Attention to visual motion suppresses neuronal and behavioral sensitivity in nearby feature space. Take a look at research coming from UoG!

    Color inherently modulates a range of executive functions supported by prefrontal circuitry. Exciting UoG Research!

    Congratulations to Dr. Tristen Hewitt on a successful PhD defense!

    Congratulations to Dr. Hannah Robeson on a successful PhD defense!

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    Is impulsivity genetically determined? Check out new research going on at UoG!

    Inflammation in the brain and depression, new research going on at UoG

    Sex differences in diagnosing autism, exciting research coming out of UoG

    New research on sex differences in psychiatric disorders from UoG researcher

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    Equity, diversity and inclusion at UoG

    Up Coming Events

    Nov. 30 Interdisciplinary Movie night – Beautiful Boy

    Jan. 11 “Fatty links in neurodegeneration” – Dr. Dale Martin (In person, location and time TBD)

    Feb. 1 – “Maturation of the Prefrontal Cortex and the Ontogeny of Fear Memory” Dr. Maithe Arruda-Carvalho (via Zoom, link will be posted)

    May. 5 SONA – save the date!



    Choose Guelph for Neuroscience

    Our neuroscience program is new, innovative and diverse. We bring together 4 different departments as part of one cohesive program to give our students the complete experience of what neuroscience is all about!

    The career track of the students in our program varies from medicine to education, research, and so much more. It is our goal to help prepare you the best we can for whatever future you have set your sights on. We have a number of unique opportunities for learning in a relevant workplace environments including research projects and internship opportunities that our team can help you organize.