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Potential Careers

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Potential Careers

The neuroscience major prepares students for professional programs in health science (medical, physiotherapy, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, nursing), post-graduate degrees in neuroscience research, and provides a strong foundation for students wishing to pursue careers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, public health, teaching, and scientific publishing & journalism.

Given that this is a relatively new program we are just beginning to collect some information from students about their interests and their ideal careers. We find that many students are not familiar with the potential career options, and it is our goal to help them find ways to network and build a competitive resume for any carrer path. The Neuroscience Program at UoG not only prepares students for future graduate studies but also for medical, veterinary, physiotherapy and many other professional schools; the breadth of knowledge obtained in this program is an asset to these career paths which require multiple streams of knowledge. Here are some examples of neuroscience-related careers 

There are so many career options related to neuroscience, below are some examples of careers that are available with different levels of education.

Careers Requiring an Advanced Degree

Most of the careers that people associate with neuroscience require doctorate-level education. Some examples of careers for people with advanced degrees include:

Medicine (MD, DO)Food Scientist
Research ScientistPharmacist
Physical TherapistAudiologist
Clinical PsychologistProfessor

Master’s Level Careers

Many careers in neuroscience can be obtained through a master’s-level education. Some examples of careers for people with a master’s degree include:

Nurse PractitionerNeuroimaging Technician
Physician’s AssistantTeacher
Genetic CounselorEpidemiology
Occupational TherapistBiostatistician
Orthotist/ProsthetistSpeech-Language Pathologist
Neural EngineerPublic Health

Bachelor’s Level Careers

As with most degree programs, the more practical experience that you get, the more likely it is that you will get a job in your field. Therefore, we recommend that students who do not intend to go to graduate or professional school seek out additional opportunities such as research, internships, part-time jobs, and volunteering that will strategically position them for a neuroscience-related career. Some examples of careers for people with a BS with a major in neuroscience include:

Pharmaceutical SalesResidential Counselor
Laboratory TechnicianRegulatory Affairs Specialist
Psychometrist*Medical Technician*
Science WriterClinical Research Assistant
Science AdvocacySpecial Education Assistant
Nonprofit WorkPatient Care Assistant*
Health EducatorOrthotic and Prosthetic Technician*
EEG Technologist*Lab Animal Care Technician
Medical and Healthcare ManagerSales Engineer
Forensic Science TechnicianLaw Enforcement
Pharmacy Technician*Natural Sciences Manager
Public PolicyAdvertising/Marketing

* May require additional training or certification

Job Postings

This page will be updated weekly with any job posting that we feel may be relevant for our neuroscience students. 

The University of Guelph is a great place to work and often have positions posted that may be of interest.

NeuroTechX is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the advancement of neurotechnology, their job board may have positions of interest to those in Neuroscience.

Canadian Association for Neuroscience also has a job page for many different related careers you can check out here!

Alchemab is looking to hire a team of exceptional scientists! We will be started up a Neuroscience research at Alchemab Therapeutics ( – a new biotech focused on finding novel therapies for neurodegenerative disorders (e.g. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s etc.).  Please pass along the word and have anyone who is interested reach out (LinkedIn or