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Dr. Olamide Adebiyi Talk

Dr. Olamide Adebiyi, Western University is a candidate for the Black/Indigenous faculty position in Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Adebiyi will be giving a Research Talk on Thursday June 15th at 12p, in Room 3708 ECLA and all are invited.

Title:  Healthy Myelin, Healthy Neurons.

Abstract: Myelin are protective sheath formed by the processes of matured oligodendrocytes that wrap along/around neuronal axons. When myelin sheaths are damaged and not replaced by oligodendrocyte precursor cells, this results in demyelinating lesions (plaques) around axons.

This talk will focus on alteration in motor coordination, cognitive impairment, neuroinflammation, and neurodegeneration in heavy metal-induced demyelination. I will highlight studies and efforts at investigating potent phytosterols that could ameliorate this behavioural impairment and neuropathology and elucidate mechanisms involved in the myelinogenetic potential of this compound. I will highlight the contributions of adenosine subtypes (A1 and A2A) to oligodendrocyte differentiation following demyelination and discuss ongoing efforts aimed at accelerating/speeding up the repair of damaged myelin sheaths (remyelination) via modulating neuronal activity.

The application of these findings in demyelinating diseases of veterinary and human importance such as canine distemper, multiple sclerosis, and other neurodegenerative disorders using a One-health approach will also be emphasized.